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The Sustainable Golden Visa

The value of investing in a sustainable future
In Greek mythology, Gaia, was the divine personification of the Earth and the matriarch of all things in existence. The primordial – the first – mother or Earth goddess, and one of the deities that ruled over the universe before anything else existed.
“We are delighted to present you and your family with a unique sustainable route to invest in Permanent Residence and European Citizenship with a Golden Visa in Portugal.

The GAIA INVESTMENT FUND is a private equity fund that invests and deploys projects in vineyards and wine, as well as forestry, beginning with cork, under the ethos that green business is the key to driving the change we need to see in the world.

As an investor, your role in this urgent change-making is critical, defining both your family legacy through multi-generational European Citizenship, and your personal impact on the environment and social framework you leave for those generations.

This is all about our choices and being proud of them, assuring that we do well and good at the same time. Sustainability will be the driving force, because we believe it is the only way to make a better world, while reducing investment risk and guaranteeing robust returns.

This next-generation fund offers an opportunity with low-volatility, aiming for healthy financial returns in the framework of a much-needed green remodelling.

We have the right partners to navigate this path with you, in a secure framework managed by a team of experts with a proven track record, and under the regulation of CMVM, the Portuguese Stock Market Regulator.”

Artur Gama Chairman of Advisory Committee

Internal Organization
Business Principles
The fund is based on the long-term experience and analytic proficiency of the Fund Manager and of the Advisory Committee in these areas, aiming to maximize competitive advantages in the acquisition process, the upgrading of technology and marketing, and in extracting synergies from increased scale through additional acquisitions.

Excellence in Investing





Our Vision
Our vision is of a planet in which human interests are pursued with a sustainable economic, environmental, social and cultural long-term approach. We believe that business must be a vehicle for change. We see ourselves as green entrepreneurs.
We present a portfolio of profitable low-risk sustainable investments in farmland in areas where Portugal has competitive advantages and an important growth potential - vineyards and forests.

Wine is a growing market, strongly trending with new consumers - new countries and millennials. For us a vineyard is about leaving the land in better shape for future generations, and we focus on projects that have brand awareness and a reputation for being sustainable, both socially and environmentally.

Today, Portugal is the 11th largest wine producer in the world, and its brands are ranking among the most internationally recognised.
We depend on forests for our survival. They create oxygen, reduce pollution and soil erosion, provide food security, represent watershed protection and contribute decisively towards the fight against climate change.
To begin, we will focus on cork as a unique sustainable product for different usages.

Forests represent around 5% of the Portuguese economy and Portugal is the #1 producer of cork in the world.

Through the Gaia Investment Fund, we share this vision and investment opportunities with those who also want to make this change happen, diversifying your financial portfolio and allowing you and your family to acquire European citizenship.
Why Portugal
Investing in European Citizenship is a unique investment in the future. Today, Portugal is the best gateway to Europe, offering an exceptionally pleasurable journey.
Starting with its welcoming and mostly English-speaking population, which makes the integration process a fantastic experience, the mild climate with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, the great lifestyle with wonderful food and nature, the political and social stability and security, free high-quality healthcare and education, more than 830 km of amazing beaches to relax and surf, and all with the lowest cost of living in Western Europe.
  • # 3 Safest country in the world
    IEP Global Peace Index

  • # 1 Golden Visa in the world
    Best Citizenships

  • # 5 Best expat destination

  • # 1 Best European country for expats
    Inter Nations

  • # 3 Safest country in the world
    IEP Global Peace Index

  • # 1 Golden Visa in the world
    Best Citizenships

  • # 5 Best expat destination

  • # 1 Best European country for expats
    Inter Nations

Why invest in a Private Equity Fund

Investing in a private equity fund is the most efficient and affordable investment, being tax and fee efficient, comparing well to the alternatives, namely direct investment in real estate,which is the most common way to acquire permanent residence and portuguese citizenship.
  • Lower investment for a fund (€ 350K) than for a new property (€ 500K)
  • Fund process is easier than property purchase
  • Fund process is faster and cheaper
  • Fund investment is hassle-free, whereas property purchase will require property O&M
  • Fund process has lower taxation and legal fees
  • Fund typically has lower risk through diversification
Core Investment Strategy
The Gaia Investment Fund provides its investors with access to a diversified set of assets focused on two chosen areas – vineyards and forests – in order to reach the adequate balance between risk and returns.

We believe that investment in land and agricultural activities, coupled with production and bio improvement and branding innovation, presents a safe bet in a world where demand for these products is increasing.

The targets are identified based on their growth potential and competitive acquisition price.
  • Each investment was targeted, visited and hand picked by the General Partner – following very tight criteria
  • The fund focuses on steady, predictable and scalable growth with the main concern being the preservation of capital
  • Investing in farmland is investing in future generations

How We Invest in Wine


  • Build up a multi-brand wine portfolio aligned with current industry trends
  • Focus on new wine regions with high growth potential
  • Focus on growing international market development
  • Investments protected by land value

How We Invest in Cork


  • Provide a layer of even more stable and predictable cash flow
  • Improve a scarce commodity
  • Explore economies of scale with low maintenance and investment needs
  • Investments protected by land value


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